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I first ventured abroad at the age of 9 and immediately fell in love with the idea of travelling. Since then, I have been travelling to most corners of the world for the past decade. For over a decade, I have been venturing across the globe with the aim of exploring, learning and gaining new insights into the lives of others who differ in terms of culture, religion and belief. Each of my travels has been a liberating experience, bringing me closer to understanding cross-cultural differences and the importance of being tolerant and open minded. My travels have shaped me into being the person that I am today, and so I have decided that it was only fitting to put my thoughts into writing so that others can benefit from it. It is not that difficult to travel the world on a shoe string, and with the right tips and tricks anyone can experience the excitement of travelling.


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Express Milano

FASHION MONDE & THE LAST SUPPER The mere mention of Milan conjures montage of luxury clothing lines, expensive wares, and well groomed men and women. Milan is the second largest city in Italy after Rome and is the country's main industrial, financial center as well as the world's fashion capital with major international events such as Milan fashion week being held every autumn. Milan also has a strong historical and artistic significance which can be attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci's most important and influential works. Getting there & around From the Airport There are 2 main airports in Milan; Malpensa (international arrivals) & Linate (mainly EU arrivals). We arrived at Linate airport whi

The Essence of Venice

'Gondola, Gondola!!' the incessant bellow of Gondoliers as we strode past them could be heard from a distance. I followed the canals by foot, pacing rhythmically together with the sculling of the Gondola. My feet swept the stone pavements that has been the foundation of this floating city for many centuries. As I pushed forward, I observed the water waves lapped the inundated steps, generated by the oars. Its humidity spurred the growth of green algae's across the structure with multi tiered balconies decked with flowers adorning the arched windows of various sorts. At every turn, bridges, some made of stones and some of foliage-like metal support, provided continuity for those on foot. For

Surviving Venice

The Queen of the Adriatic This harmonious composition of 118 islands, congealed, giving rise to a enigmatic lagoon city, has defined our conception of classical and nostalgic beauty. Although there are many canal cities in the world that boast equivalence, none has truly surpassed its renaissance charm and reputation. Somehow the effect of cruising along the canals in Amsterdam, Bruges or even Bangkok pales in comparison to maze-like canals in Venice. Why is this so? Venice, unlike its counterparts is deeply rooted in its maritime history, culture and tradition that have been extensively promulgated by movies and media. From the alluring Masquerade balls and the ubiquitous Gondolas mooring a

The Vatican Reel

It is arguably the smallest state in the world and the Pope is its ruler. The Vatican is the seat of Roman Catholicism and is home to some of the world's most prized treasure trove; The Sistine Chapel and St Peter's Basilica. The grounds are guarded by Pontifical Swiss guards dressed in a tricolour (blue,red, and yellow) uniforms with a beret and a sword. To be a Swiss guard, one must be a Catholic, single and hail from Switzerland and trained under the Swiss military. Make your way to the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel during lunch time to avoid long queues. The ticket costs 16 euros and can be purchased online with a 4 euro reservation fee. Once you are in, just follow the signage leadi

The Colossal Colosseum

Need I say more about this ancient wonder. Do it justice by seeing it just like the Fontana de Trevi, day and night. I am not going to bore you with boring historical facts that will make you snooze but I will provide some fun facts and tips to avoid the long queues. Fun Facts: Colosseum was built under the command of the Flavius dynasty from AD72 to 80. The colosseum's name was derived from the statue of Colossus of Nero which once stood just outside the Colosseum and it was almost as tall as the statue of liberty! It is an amphitheatre, designed much like a sporting arena. It has 4 tiers of which spectators were housed according to their ranks in society. The emperor and senators were hous

Rome in 0 dollar!!

Here are places that are absolutely free! Now that you are in Rome and wish to explore without spending a single dime, where do you head to? 1) Quirinal Palace This is the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic. 2) Trevi Fountain I strongly recommend visiting this beautiful fountain both day and night as you get two very startling views. Fun Facts that you are probably unaware of: The fountain was built from 1732-1762 in a Baroque style by Nicola Scavi. The fountain is located at the intersection of 3 roads giving it the name Tre Vie. Oceanus (Neptune) occupies the space in the central alcove; he holds a wand on his right hand and a cloth over his pelvic region on his le

Sandakan, The Bridge of Borneo's Snout

'There is a mental energy in this room, discharged and accumulated from the past, which seems to exhilarate you when you enter it. Not only is it a good place to work in, but it is a good place to stop while the bathwater runs, or when dressing for dinner or waiting for breakfast, for there is always something unfinished to be gone on with there.' When Agnes Keith penned the above quote, she was illustrating a habitual scene from her study room which overlooked much of the view that inspired her beloved novel 'The Land Below the Wind'. There were no embellishments around it, just an alluring lucidity shrouded by a heart of darkness that has captivated the attention of the world.To many, Born






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