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I first ventured abroad at the age of 9 and immediately fell in love with the idea of travelling. Since then, I have been travelling to most corners of the world for the past decade. For over a decade, I have been venturing across the globe with the aim of exploring, learning and gaining new insights into the lives of others who differ in terms of culture, religion and belief. Each of my travels has been a liberating experience, bringing me closer to understanding cross-cultural differences and the importance of being tolerant and open minded. My travels have shaped me into being the person that I am today, and so I have decided that it was only fitting to put my thoughts into writing so that others can benefit from it. It is not that difficult to travel the world on a shoe string, and with the right tips and tricks anyone can experience the excitement of travelling.


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Pompeii; The Lost City

A Lost City Unearthed In 79 A.D, a seemingly peaceful Roman city was shook by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that interred the city for many centuries until its rediscovery in 1748. Pompeii's significance to the understanding of Roman's lifestyle, routine and architecture can be attributed to its well preserved foundations. From the ashes and pumice of Mount Vesuvius, its destruction has, paradoxically, provided historians with a 3D visualization of an intact ancient Roman city and clues to how ancient Rome had evolved. Pompeii has attracted tourists for over 250 years and continues to allure art and history aficionados as well as mystery seekers. Getting there from Naples A day trip to Pomp

Naples; Of Pizza Galore & Mighty Mount Vesuvius

'Deep asleep, a loud thud awoke us. The wheels of the carriage screeched as it motioned to a halt. I peered out of the window and glanced at the mist beleaguering a volcano steeped in history and tragedy. Above us, the grey clouds drizzled dampening the horizon and the mighty mount Vesuvius. The incessant patter of raindrops on the window greeted us into Napoli as the train whizzed past crowded buildings of various sorts decked below the bountiful Napoli hills. We have arrived.' Just 2 hours away from Roma, lies a city encroached on the foothill of an iconic volcano that laid the scene for a historic eruption in 79 A.D that engulfed the city of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The picturesque gulf

The Bromo Effect

Mount Bromo It was meant to be an impromptu road trip across the island of Java all the way till Bali for a fortnight. We barely made any preparations and all that was confirmed was our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Yogyakarta. A sketchy itinerary was drafted a few weeks prior and most of the places of interests were mapped out in order to fit into an 7 day schedule around central and east Java. One common thread that is distinguishable in most of the popular tourist spots in Central and East Java was the innumerable volcanoes strewn across like popping daffodils, so it was no wonder that we picked 2 very discernible volcanoes with opposing level of difficulty to explore. Mount Bromo stands at






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