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I first ventured abroad at the age of 9 and immediately fell in love with the idea of travelling. Since then, I have been travelling to most corners of the world for the past decade. For over a decade, I have been venturing across the globe with the aim of exploring, learning and gaining new insights into the lives of others who differ in terms of culture, religion and belief. Each of my travels has been a liberating experience, bringing me closer to understanding cross-cultural differences and the importance of being tolerant and open minded. My travels have shaped me into being the person that I am today, and so I have decided that it was only fitting to put my thoughts into writing so that others can benefit from it. It is not that difficult to travel the world on a shoe string, and with the right tips and tricks anyone can experience the excitement of travelling.


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The 72 Hours Hens Night in Bangkok

The travel destination was all set. Out of the many hot spots in South East Asia, Bangkok took precedence as it was handpicked by the bride herself as the place for us bridesmaid to host an unforgettable bridal shower in under 72 hours. The task was rather daunting as all 4 bridesmaids came from different corners of the world and to top it off, we barely knew each other. At that point the common thread was that we all had agreed upon a city that exuded vibrancy with a dash of culture. OUR TOP 10 HENS NIGHT ULTIMATE GUIDE 1) The Perfect Hen's Coop In every direction, one is met by high rise buildings, each towering the next. The city's expansive area makes it even puzzling to choose just the






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