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I first ventured abroad at the age of 9 and immediately fell in love with the idea of travelling. Since then, I have been travelling to most corners of the world for the past decade. For over a decade, I have been venturing across the globe with the aim of exploring, learning and gaining new insights into the lives of others who differ in terms of culture, religion and belief. Each of my travels has been a liberating experience, bringing me closer to understanding cross-cultural differences and the importance of being tolerant and open minded. My travels have shaped me into being the person that I am today, and so I have decided that it was only fitting to put my thoughts into writing so that others can benefit from it. It is not that difficult to travel the world on a shoe string, and with the right tips and tricks anyone can experience the excitement of travelling.


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My Everest Base Camp Experience

If you get the chance to do it, do not hesitate. Here is why. This is Everest Base Camp through my eyes from start to finish.

The Finale: Lobuche - Everest Base Camp

The moment we have been waiting for. The final and most difficult part of the entire trek; a path covered in thick snow with freezing temperatures. This is Everest Base Camp.

Everest Base Camp: Kyangjuma - Deboche

This is a tough one. It starts with a gradual the steep descent before ascending over 500 metres to Tengboche monastery. Here you get to see one of the world's highest monastery with the backdrop of Mount Everest.

Everest Base Camp: Namche Bazar - Kyangjuma Day 3

This is where we got our first glimpse of Mount Everest. This part of the trek 8km in distance, usually takes 3 to 4 hours to complete. Here is where you begin to see the 8000 metres mountains in the Himalayan range. Follow IG: 88milestones

Everest Base Camp: Phakding - Namche BazarDay 2

Day 2 starts off gradually and then the climb begins at Hillary bridge. We trekked through the Dudh Kosi valley to acclimatise at Namche. At this point, acute mountain sickness can kick in so it is important to trek slowly.

The 7 Day Everest Lockdown

It was an unprecedented global chaos. Little did we know a pandemic was brewing some 3,000 kilometres away from the comforts of our home. And when it had arrived at our shores, the ideas of lock downs and movement control orders were far from our thoughts. It was unfathomable to restrict movement that has been embedded as part of our freedom. And so when the pandemic snowballed in the third month of the year, myself, being high up in the Himalayas, and the rest of world could only watch in disbelief as the world turned topsy-turvy, gearing towards a new normal. The mountains always have a way of bringing strangers together to create life-long friendships. The Everest Bubble During COVID-19 H






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