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The 72 Hours Hens Night in Bangkok

The travel destination was all set. Out of the many hot spots in South East Asia, Bangkok took precedence as it was handpicked by the bride herself as the place for us bridesmaid to host an unforgettable bridal shower in under 72 hours. The task was rather daunting as all 4 bridesmaids came from different corners of the world and to top it off, we barely knew each other. At that point the common thread was that we all had agreed upon a city that exuded vibrancy with a dash of culture.


1) The Perfect Hen's Coop

In every direction, one is met by high rise buildings, each towering the next. The city's expansive area makes it even puzzling to choose just the right accommodation. Smacked right at the intersection between Sukhumvit Soi 18 and Sukhumvit road, is the Central Bangkok Apartment, a 3- bedded living space fully equipped with all the necessary facilities with tip-top cleanliness. At a rate of RM 649 per night, this cozy loft can accommodate up to 5 people and emanates a homely sense with its modern furnishments and spacious layout. There were no inadequacies in this selection and the icing on the cake was its central location, being only a stone's throw away from one of Bangkok's highly charged shopping mall, Terminal 21 and Asok metro station.

The Living Room

The Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Loft

The View from the Balcony

2) Lunch at Cabbage & Condoms

Don't let the name be of any aversion as it is a rather popular eatery at Sukhumvit 12. The name alludes to the owner's tenet that contraception should be made accessible and in this case, FREE! Contrary to its name, the menu is as diverse and varied as the city's gourmet experience, not to mention affordable. From the delectable local cuisine to the non-spicy western dishes, this joint has the right ingredients to satisfy all taste buds. When it comes to the design and decoration, the owner certainly wasn't kidding with the generous use of colorful condoms as part of the lighting as well as life-size mannequins made entirely out of 'rubber'.

The Inviting Signage

The Main Entrance

Condom inspired lights everywhere!

Santa made entirely out of condoms!

The home favorite Tom Yam curry

Fried prawns in chilli paste

The menu

3) Explore Chatuchak Market

This well-known market holds the record as one of the largest weekend market in the world, covering a whopping 27 acres with 27 sections, each with more than one category of goods for sale. Name any product and you will surely find it at this seemingly never-ending trail of shops. It is almost impossible to cover the entire area in a day so being selective and focused in your shopping will really be beneficial. The best time to bargain is right before closing time as vendors become more generous in giving out last minute discounts before closing sales for the day.

Welcome to one of the largest weekend markets in the world!

Find almost everything you need in this popular market

The limitless trail of shops at Chatuchak

4) Party at Khao San

Though most backpacker's experience is equivalent to roughing it out on a shoestring, the nightlife at this backpacking universe is anything but ordinary. Forget the delicate evening cocktail parties when you step into this alley made famous by the movie 'The Beach'. The strings of raucous and squawky pubs/clubs with its pulsating music, booming away throughout the entire street will keep your head banging and body swaying throughout the night till the wee hours of the morning.

The party scene at Khao San

The strings of bars along this popular backpacker's alley

The crowded street of Khao San that brings it to life

5)Spa Retreat at Health Land

In close proximity to Asok BTS, this ethereal spa retreat guarantees to pamper the weary body after a long day on one's feet. The imposing exterior is equally as impressive as its Zen-like interior, creating an out of this world massage experience for anyone looking to unwind and relax. A 2 hour Thai massage costs 600 Baht and advance booking is recommended it gets packed and full.

The tranquil escapade

The main facade of the massage parlour

The interior provides a zen-like experience with its myriad fragrance oils percolating around the main counter.

The price range of popular massages offered by Health Land.

6) Muay Thai Experience

If you have seen Ong Bak, then you will know that this beloved combat sport is synonymous to Thai's ancient martial art scene as well as being Thailand's official national sport. Bangkok is strewn with Muay Thai schools ranging from beginner to advanced level each with its own unique experience. The Rajadamnern Singha Muay Thai academy right opposite our apartment has a contemporary vibe but its training is far from easy. Each session starts off with 1 hour of 'intense warm-up' which includes continuous running, skipping and body stretch before the actual combat. The introductory class of 550 baht per person was a move away from the stereotypical hens night activities, leaving an unforgettable experience.

The Blue door that welcomes all to this trendy Muay Thai academy

The trainers are all dedicated Muay Thai fighters with years of experience.

Punching bags can be seen everywhere as it is one of the core exercises in Muay Thai.

7) Out & About Pratunam Market

Comparable to Chatuchak, this market offers similar shopping experience with the exception of it being mainly indoors. One of its biggest pulls is that most items are sold at wholesale prices and expect to find almost everything you can dream of, from fashionable clothes, accessories to household items. Vendors practically live here, carting their wares through the twisted alleyways, dexterously dodging shoppers, so expect to maneuver through a boisterous and packed market whilst bargaining incessantly for the best rates. Right across the main market, accessible via a footbridge is the Platinum Fashion Mall, a multi-tiered mall catering for both retail and wholesale shopping needs.

The street flanking Pratunam market on a quiet Sunday morning before the crowd.

The dizzying interior of the market with variety of shops

The view from the footbridge connecting the market and Platinum fashion mall.

8) Shopping adventures at Terminal 21

"Welcome to London." We thought I had just exited an airport and stepped into a different city all together and then we descended down another escalator and found ourselves in another metropolis. You might be wondering how is that even possible all under a single roof. This cutting edge shopping mall, aptly named Terminal 21 combines the love of shopping and travelling in a very interesting and enjoyable manner. The concept of theming all 9 levels with a popular holiday destination and ensuring every nitty-gritty detail stays true to the country's personality is truly unique and laudable. This mall has over 600 shops and more than 50 restaurants, cafes and a food court for the enjoyment of shoppers.

Terminal 21 at night

The Istanbul inspired floor mimicking the Grand Bazaar.

It almost feels as if one had just stepped out of an international airport.

The Pier 21 and San Francisco bridge marks the direction towards rows of cafes, restaurants and food court.

Many will be flabbergasted by the fact that this is actually a restroom in the London-themed floor

9) Afternoon stroll at Benjasiri Park

A shade of green amidst the vast concrete jungle, this splash of tranquillity is an ideal spot for people watching or even just taking a breather from the fast paced lifestyle of Bangkok. Situated right next to the Emporium mall, this park caters to all age groups and is well equipped with facilities such as a swimming pool, outdoor gym and a huge playground. Built around an ornamental lake, there are also many contemporary sculptures dotted along the park, showcasing and celebrating the talent of Thai artists.

A calming respite right in the middle of a bustling city.

One of the 12 sculptures dotted along the park.

The park encircling the ornamental lake right in the middle of the concrete jungle.

The squad pictured next to the lake on a fine Sunday afternoon.

10) Sky High at Lebua Sky Bar

There are no words to describe it. The minute the elevator opened onto the 64th floor, our racing hearts were completely stunned. Bangkok's rooftop scene is bedecked with opulent and pomp sky bars but none comes close to that of Lebua Sky bar. Made popular when by the movie 'The Hangover', this majestic high end nightlife experience is guaranteed to leave you awe-struck from its mind-blowing views of Bangkok city and the famed Chao Phraya river to the prompt and amiable services. The classic rotunda with its glittering yellow dome and spacious multi-level decks are sights not to be missed and even though it does come with a heavy price tag, the overall satisfaction certainly makes every penny worthwhile.

The iconic rotunda and yellow dome dominates the night sky line.

Bangkok city from the 64th floor of Lebua Skybar.

The squad overlooking the vibrant city at Lebua

The multi-level sky deck perched at the edge of the building with breathtaking views of the city.

Fine dining on top of the world only at Lebua Sky bar.




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