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The Travelling Mother-Daughter Duo

When I had to describe my love for travelling, my opening line had never changed. I began at an early age and after a decade of globetrotting, it had shaped me into the person that I am today. And so when I came across an article on the daily newspaper about daughters who travel the world with their mothers, I found myself smiling incandescently.

Figure 1 The Sound of Music tour !! We practically sang throughout the whole tour.

It was a picture of a mother and her daughter standing in front of Neuschwanstein castle that caught my attention. In the summer of 2012, I stood right there with my own mother during the onset of my European travels. Those moments brought about my fervour for travel.

I remembered where it all stemmed from. Everything that I knew about the world began through books pertaining to travels, history and arts, all read by her to me. And back in the days when flying was not for everyone, my very first step into an air plane with her was the beginning of one of the best lifelong educations I would receive.

Figure 2 Waltzing through Schonbrunn Palace

Figure 2a Rainy day at Lincoln Memorial

At an age where appreciation and understanding began to take full form, I had circled the globe with her by my side. The challenges of a mother daughter travel is the juxtaposition of energy; my springy self would want to go on for hours on foot to explore, while she would want to make a U-turn. But that doesn't mean that she was unable to emulate the same energy. The essence of a mother-daughter travel is tolerance and looking out for each other in an unfamiliar place. When I could sense her weariness, we would call it a day and when I wanted to spend a little more time at a particular place she will accommodate.

Figure 4 Ascending Neuschwanstein with mum and aunt

"Mummy doesn't know how to take good photos! Most of the time, the pictures will turn out blurry or unfocused." I chuckled reading an all too familiar excerpt where a technologically inept mother attempts to capture her daughter's desired shot repeatedly, though failing most of the time. These trivial conundrums did test our patience, translating to short burst of animosities now and then, but in the grand scale of things, these frustrations were always drowned by invaluable moments that can only be shared between mother and daughter.

Figure 5 Us at the Vienna Opera house!!